Fire damage cleaning services in UK

Fire damage cleaning services and smoke damage restoration in UK

NOVA CLEAN offers extreme cleaning services as fire damage cleaning in UK, decontamination following fire damage or disinfection after smoke damage of your home. NOVA CLEAN works to restore premises to their original condition, offering a wide range of services including waste removal, cleaning and decontamination.

Nova Clean house cleaning and disinfection company carries out decontamination and cleaning for professionals, businesses and offices throughout UK.

smoke fire damage cleaningAfter fire cleaning in homes, buildings and premises

The Nova Clean fire decontamination company is at your side to help you clean homes, buildings and premises after a fire or fire outbreak. Do you have persistent smoke odours and traces of soot on walls and ceilings? Are you looking for a fire cleaning company? Nova Clean will restore your flat, house by removing fire-related waste and decontaminating the premises, washing walls and ceilings and eliminating smoke odours.

A small fire can have a big impact on your home or commercial property. Not only does the fire cause considerable damage, but the smoke, soot, water and other substances needed to extinguish the fire are also very damaging.

For example, even after the smoke has cleared, you may find that further damage is caused by the residue of chloride, a particularly corrosive substance, left behind by the smoke.

This can be particularly damaging to electronic components. However, if you contact us in good time, Nova Clean has the right equipment and methodology to carefully remove smoke and soot residues. In this way, we can extend the life of your electrical and electronic appliances.

Smoke and soot are not the only harmful by-products of a fire. You, or the emergency services you called to help extinguish the flames, may have used other substances to fight the fire, which could have caused further damage to your property.

Any water left behind, soiled by soot and other chemicals from the fire, must be completely removed, otherwise mould could start to form and cause even more problems.

We offer professional, reliable and effective disaster restoration services that ensure the removal of water, smoke, soot and other chemicals from your property.

Following a comprehensive damage assessment, Nova Clean's professionals will perform a thorough cleaning of carpets, furniture, ceilings and walls, and other items in your home as needed.

We help homeowners make storage arrangements as well as set up odour control, duct cleaning or decontamination services so they can get back to normal quickly.

property cleaning up after vandalism damageCleaning up after vandalism or burglary in UK

Have you been the victim of vandalism or burglary? After contacting the police and your insurer, you will need to have your house, flat, business or premises cleaned up after an act of vandalism. Nova Clean offers cleaning services after burglary or vandalism in UK at your service to restore your premises and accommodation following damage caused by a demonstration, urban violence or burglary.

Cleaning up after urban riots, demonstrations, ransacking, urban violence or looting in UK

We can restore your commercial premises, offices, schools and town halls after acts of vandalism, or clean up after riots, urban violence, demonstrations or looting. We are a company specialising in extreme cleaning of devastated premises, offering a rubbish removal service, clearance of damaged premises, removal of broken glass and complete cleaning of premises, including burnt premises. We clean, disinfect and decontaminate following any type of damage, riots, violence, burglary, theft or looting in UK.

Quotes requests of our clients

Decontamination following a house fire
Following a major fire in our house, we were only able to salvage a few items of furniture and children's toys. We're looking for a fire clean-up company to decontaminate the house. Can you help with this?

Cleaning and decontaminating a flat following a fire
Following a fire in the living room, we need to clean and decontaminate an entire f2 flat. There's soot in every room, from floor to ceiling. Entrance hall, wc, living room, bedroom, kitchen, approximately 42 m2 on the floor. Please give us an estimate for cleaning after the fire.

Cleaning walls after a small fire
We would like a professional fire decontamination service to clean the walls after a small fire (soot and ash dust on the walls). Floor area of the flat approx. 50m2.

Soot removal after fire damage
We would like an estimate for a cleaning job after a fire with soot removal, approximately 10 m2 of empty cupboard 1 m high, following a fire on the floor below where the soot came through the VMC.
The tenant has left and I need to send your estimate to his insurance company. The work is urgent because I have to re-let. A stepladder with 6 or 7 steps is needed to access the cupboard. Electricity available.

Cleaning of a room following a soot deposit
I am looking for a specialist in fire cleaning and would like an appointment and a quote for cleaning a 6m2 boiler room and the adjoining 10m2 utility room, following the removal of an old boiler without due care, resulting in soot deposits on all the walls and in the cupboards. Some photos of the boiler room and laundry room are attached.

Decontamination following fire damage in a flat
I would like an estimate for the decontamination of various soot-covered items following a fire in a flat. There are around 2,500 of these various items in 262 boxes. You can come to my place to see the work to be done. I'll give you further explanations. Thank you in advance.

Cleaning after a fire and smoke
I'm enclosing photos of an incident involving the release of smoke from the combustion of fuel oil in a boiler.

This is a house of approximately 120m2 with cellar + small room + small living room + kitchen + bathroom + bedroom + WC + upstairs corridor + staircase + 2 large 15m2 bedrooms + 2 attic bedrooms on the 2nd floor.

Awaiting estimate for cleaning or removal of wallpaper and wall strips.

Complete cleaning following a fire in a dwelling
To follow up on our exchange, we would need a fire cleaning company to..:

Complete cleaning of the dwelling following a fire in the entrance hall (photos and plan attached), on the plan the orange area heavily impacted by the fire that we will demolish. All furniture and personal belongings will have been removed from the property beforehand.
Please let me know by tomorrow.

Decontamination following the fire
Please find attached photos of the rooms to be decontaminated following the fire.

The house has 5 bedrooms, one of which is on the ground floor and has not been affected by the smoke, apart from the smell, another has been destroyed by the flames and will be redone and 3 others need to be decontaminated, as well as the landing, the shower room and the stairwell.

Cleaning following fire damage
Following our discussion, here are the items requested for an estimate and a date for the work to be carried out (before the end of next week):

Damage: facade and staircase to be cleaned following a scooter fire along the facade.

Damage not covered by insurance. To be invoiced directly to the owner.

Refurbishment of premises following fire
I'm coming to you as the manager of a condominium. We're looking for a service provider to refurbish the bike room following a fire; we need to strip the soot from the floor, refurbish the soiled walls and replace the light fitting. I'll let you have a look at the photos attached.

Please let me know if you are interested. We can arrange with the union council to give you access so that we can draw up an estimate.

Fire decontamination
We had a small fire. A lamp caught fire in a bedroom of a 50m2 rental flat, damaging a wall, furniture and a bed. I need a fire decontamination service quickly as the flat is rented out next week.

If you are available, could you please send me a quote?

Cleaning soot after a fire
Following a fire in the building where we have our 150m2 premises, we are looking for a company to clean up the soot.
We look forward to hearing from you.

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