Move out/in Cleaning - End of tenancy

Cleaning up after moving houses and flats

The NOVA CLEAN cleaning company offers post-move cleaning in France, with a network of professionals offering thorough cleaning and refurbishment for a carefree return. We also offer a clearance service for houses and flats throughout United Kingdom.

end-of-tenancy cleaningWhy is end-of-tenancy cleaning so important?

When you leave your home, you are obliged to leave it clean and tidy. This end-of-tenancy inventory is usually carried out with the estate agent or the landlord who rented you the property. Now that your contract has come to an end, you won't be getting any free gifts when it comes to the cleanliness of the property, and the key issue is getting your deposit back. End-of-tenancy cleaning is therefore crucial if you are to have a trouble-free inventory of fixtures and fittings.

Why use an end-of-tenancy cleaning company?

You've finally finished moving, you're tired and you can't wait to turn the page? There's still the end-of-tenancy cleaning to be done. You've emptied your home and run out of cleaning materials and products? Nova Clean is a cleaning company specialising in cleaning after you've moved, with an independent team and professional products and equipment to restore your house or flat to its former glory at the end of your tenancy.

Move out/in CleaningCleaning very dirty accommodation after renting

Do you find your home very dirty after a tenancy? Nova Clean is at your service to clean after hoarding disorder and very dirty homes, whether after a squat or a tenant eviction. We have professional equipment for cleaning very dirty homes, such as a scrubber-dryer or single-brush machine for hard floors, a high-pressure cleaner for your terrace or balcony, a telescopic pole for cleaning windows at height, a carpet shampooer or an extractor injector for cleaning sofas, mattresses and carpets.

Pre-rental and end-of-tenancy cleaning

Are you moving house and looking for a cleaning company before the inventory of fixtures? NOVA CLEAN offers pre-installation cleaning or end-of-tenancy cleaning, including stripping and washing floors, washing windows, washing walls and light switches, descaling taps and bathrooms, and degreasing kitchens. For furnished flats or houses, we can clean mattresses, box springs, carpets, sofas, armchairs and fabric or leather chairs using our professional injection/extraction machines. If you've stained your sofa or mattress during your stay, we'll give them a professional cleaning to make them look like new again.

What are the specifics of end-of-tenancy cleaning?

There are a number of things that make end-of-tenancy cleaning different from normal cleaning. When you empty your house or flat of all the furniture, you find it dirtier than you thought. A lot of dirt has accumulated under furniture, behind appliances, dust behind radiators, dirty air vents, hand marks on walls and doors, dirty light switches and door handles. Washing walls is sometimes necessary, as is thorough cleaning of contact points. Degreasing kitchens, hoods and ovens is no easy task. Descaling toilets and bathrooms with limescale on taps and sometimes mouldy tiling joints are part of end-of-tenancy cleaning.

Cleaning business premises after a move

We clean business premises after a move, relocation or end-of-lease cleaning for shops, offices and industrial premises.

Request a quote

Cleaning a flat before letting
Hello, I'd like to rent out the flat on Airbnb, so it has to be spotless, it's been lived in for 3 years, it's 75m2, there's a bathroom where the shower is really dirty and also the kitchen oven which is very dirty. There are two bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, a living room and a kitchen. Please send me an estimate.

Cleaning before inventory of fixtures for a flat
We would like a cleaning service before the inventory of fixtures for a 47m2 flat. The floor has laminate parquet and carpet. Given the state of the flat, there may be a few hours of services required.... if possible, on the morning of Wednesday 29 March, with all the equipment supplied by you.

Cleaning an empty flat after a move
I'd like to clean my flat after I've moved in so that I can carry out an inventory of fixtures. The flat will be empty, but I'd like the service to include cleaning tiles, windows, ventilation and everything else needed for a successful inventory! Thank you for your help.

Cleaning for an inventory of fixtures on leaving a flat
Hello, I'm leaving my flat and would like a complete clean of the floor, oven, dishwasher, fridge and bathroom.
I'd like to know the price and if you have availability on Tuesday 28 March or Wednesday 29 March.
The property is 70 m2, with 5 windows, 3 mattresses, a 2-seater sofa and an armchair.

Cleaning a gîte following a move
I would like an estimate for the cleaning of a gîte following a move. Complete cleaning of all surfaces, kitchen worktops, bathroom and 120m2 of floor space.
Thank you in advance.

Refurbishment of a flat after letting
I would like an estimate for refurbishing a 72 m2 flat after letting. Empty space. Glazed area: approx. 30 m2 + corresponding shutters. Stains on the tiles. The flat is rather dirty, so degreasing the kitchen and descaling the bathroom will be essential.

End of lease cleaning
I am looking for a company to carry out end-of-tenancy cleaning on 8 May. The flat is a T3, will be empty, and is 80m2. Thank you in advance for your feedback.

Cleaning after moving out and before inventory of fixtures
I would like an estimate for a major clean after moving out and before the inventory of fixtures for a T1 bis 32 M2 flat with a mezzanine.
To be cleaned thoroughly:

Kitchen (complete degreasing)
Bathroom with bath and toilet (wall and tiling to be cleaned too)
Living room with high window
Bedroom with dressing room
2 small windows
2 large windows
Cobwebs on high ceiling

All windows to be done inside and out
All in all, I would really like an estimate for a major cleaning.

Company to clean a flat before inventory of fixtures
My partner and I are moving out of our 40m2 flat very soon, and we'd like to hire a company to clean before the inventory of fixtures to save us time (we pay with CESU cheques).
We'd like to know the rates.
-Bathroom and WC cleaning (wall, seal).
-Kitchen and extractor hood cleaning.
-Cleaning of living room windows.
-Fill in a few holes that we made to assemble furniture (if possible).
- Aspirations and floors in all rooms. (One bedroom, one bathroom, one living room/kitchen).

Cleaning of houses before inventory of fixtures and after moving in.
I would like two quotes for two different services:

- The first concerns my rented accommodation for a cleaning service before the departure inventory of fixtures. It's a two-bedroom house measuring 86m2, with a total of 2 double-sash windows, 2 triple-sash windows, 2 small windows (bathroom and toilet), 2 small velux windows and two double-sash French windows. We would like a standard service including floor cleaning, skirting board cleaning, window cleaning, toilet cleaning and bathroom cleaning. We're leaving on 23 April and the inventory of fixtures will take place on 25 April, so the service will have to be carried out on Monday 24 April.

- The other quote is for the house we're moving into. We'd like it cleaned following renovation work throughout the house, including cleaning the floor and windows. It's a 120m2 house in Louverné with 4 bedrooms and two bathrooms. Everything will be new in the house, the idea is to clean the dust due to the work.
Please send me quotes by email.

Complete cleaning prior to departure inventory of fixtures
We're moving out on Saturday and we'd like a complete clean of our flat on Saturday before the final inspection on Wednesday. We are available Monday morning.

Number of m2: 58m2
Flat T3
Tiled and parquet flooring in both bedrooms
1 French window
3 windows

Full cleaning before outgoing inventory of fixtures
I'm moving out tomorrow and my flat is due to be handed back on Sunday 26 March. I'd like to know if you can come and do a complete clean before my outgoing inventory of fixtures? It's a 59m2 flat that will be empty because I'm moving out tomorrow (Thursday 23 March). It's already clean, but I need to be able to clean the bathroom, fridge, oven and furniture thoroughly.

Cleaning a flat when it's vacated
I would like an estimate for cleaning a flat when I move out:
- Vacuuming and cleaning floors
- Cleaning skirting boards
- Cleaning the kitchen and appliances
- Complete cleaning of the bathroom
- Cleaning of windows
- Cleaning of woodwork and interior doors
Size of property: 21.7 m² living space; 27.11 m² floor space.
Number of windows to be cleaned: 2 windows, height 150 cm, width 140 cm, each with 2 panes of glass.

Complete cleaning of a detached house before the inventory of fixtures
I need an estimate for a 135 m2 detached house. I'm looking for a cleaning company before the inventory of fixtures (2 May) after the move (17 April). Mainly for complete cleaning of kitchen (furniture, oven, microwave, fridge, hob, extractor fan), toilets (2), shower room and bathroom, stains/marks on walls in various parts of the house, windows and bay windows + some hard-to-reach furniture tops.

Complete cleaning of a flat at the end of a lease
I'm the landlord of a duplex flat. The previous tenant left the flat in a state of disrepair that required a complete clean. Could you please send me an estimate? The surface area of the flat is 70 m2. I'd like the floors, walls, kitchen, bathroom and toilet cleaned. There is no furniture in the flat. I remain at your disposal for any further information.

Complete cleaning for the inventory of fixtures of a flat
What is your rate for a complete cleaning for an inventory of fixtures of a 60m2 flat? Complete cleaning with washing of walls that have marks? Would you be available between today 3 April and tomorrow 4 April?

Cleaning of a flat after moving out, before the inventory of fixtures at the end of the move.
I'd like a quote for cleaning a flat after I've moved out, before the inventory of fixtures on 28 April. The furnished flat is 69 m2 and consists of a kitchen, living room, WC, bathroom and bedroom with dressing room. I'll let you get back to me as soon as possible.

Cleaning for inventory of fixtures
I would like an estimate for two cleaning jobs:
Cleaning prior to the inventory of fixtures for a flat (65m²)
Cleaning prior to the inventory of fixtures of a flat (65m²)

The two flats are located in the same building. One of the flats has a composite (quartz) worktop. Can you clean this type of material? There are a few visible heat stains - pans or saucepans still hot from being placed on them?
The dates are still to be determined. Thank you for your information.

End-of-tenancy cleaning for a flat
Hello, can I have an estimate for:
End of lease cleaning, Apartment 90m2, 2 bedrooms with 1 small balcony. To be cleaned:
Floor, 9 panes of glass, lamps, cuffs, switch, roller shutters from inside, skirting boards, fire detector on ceiling.
Bathroom: all
Small toilet: all
Kitchen: Oven, extractor fan, limescale on granite, dishwasher, inside of kitchen cupboards (not fridge)
There are no materials or products on site.

Thorough cleaning of a studio when the tenant moves out
Hello, following the departure of my tenant, I'm looking for a cleaning company to carry out a thorough cleaning of a 22m² studio flat: cleaning of the floors (one part solid parquet (main room), the other porcelain stoneware (shower room), skirting boards, table and chairs (chair legs in particular), wardrobe doors to be cleaned, degreasing oven, cleaning fridge, descaling taps, cleaning shower seals. Could you please give me a price?

Cleaning after moving house
We're moving house on 2 May and would like a cleaning job done within the week. It's a F4 flat of 85 m2, and we need to clean the PVC floors dating from the 80s, the window frames and shutter boxes, and the bathroom fittings. The flat will be empty. The glazed area is 30m2. Yours faithfully

End of lease cleaning
This is a 2-3 room flat, 55m2, for end of lease cleaning. Thank you in advance for contacting us.

Cleaning following departure of tenant
Please find below our request for a quote:

Type of work: Cleaning package following the departure of the tenant - 55m² one-bedroom flat

KITCHEN: walls, floor, cupboards, hob, extractor fan, sink, kettle, coffee maker, dishwasher, toaster, fridge, pots, pans, dishes, etc.
WC: walls, floor, ventilation, bowl
BATHROOM: walls, door, cupboard, vanity unit, shower head, radiator, washing machine, waste bin
LIVING ROOM: wall shelves, shelves, radiators, stools
BEDROOM: walls, window hinges, shelves, laundry bin
Clear-out, cleaning and disinfection of flat following departure of tenant
Following the departure of a tenant from my 65 m2 flat on the 3rd floor without a lift, I would like an estimate for cleaning, disinfection and storage of washing machines (2), fridges, televisions, kitchen furniture + bags in the cellar.

Cleaning a flat after moving house
I need my flat cleaned after I move out and before the inventory of fixtures and handover of the keys to the landlord. The flat, measuring 22.99 m2, will be empty, but some old items will still be there and need to be disposed of. In particular, the kitchenette, bathroom and sanitary facilities will need to be cleaned. Washing the floors the master bedroom has parquet flooring and there is a 12-piece adhesive mirror (15*15) to be removed from the wallpapered wall without damage. Please send me your best quotation for this work.

End-of-tenancy cleaning of a flat
I need an estimate for end-of-tenancy cleaning of a 55 m2 flat.
The flat consists of a bedroom, living room/kitchen, balcony, shower room and washbasin.
The floor, windows (shower room, windows and balcony) and kitchen (cupboards, fridge, oven) need to be cleaned.

Cleaning estimate after moving house
I would like a quote for cleaning after moving house: single storey house 100m2 with 3 bedrooms. Cleaning of floors, cleaning and washing of all walls, windows, interior and exterior roller shutters, vmc, kitchen, interior and exterior doors, interior and exterior furniture, bathroom, seals, scale on taps + wc / mirrors, skirting boards. Desired date 21 or 22 April. Is it possible to get a tax reduction?

Cleaning after moving out of an old house
Please provide me with an estimate for the cleaning of an old house with one floor over the ground floor. Main cleaning upstairs:
Kitchen floors and faience
Living room floors
3 bedrooms floors
1 bathroom floors bath and sink and bidet
Cleaning inside cupboards
The ground floor will be cleaned by us

Estimate for end-of-tenancy cleaning of a flat
I would like an estimate for the end-of-tenancy cleaning of a fairly old 83 m2 flat. This includes: laminate/linoleum flooring and skirting boards, balcony, kitchen, washbasin/shower/toilet with ceiling. Thank you in advance for your feedback on your proposed rates.

Complete cleaning of a furnished flat after a tenant
My tenant has just left the flat on the 7th floor. It's a duplex with a 25m2 living room on the ground floor and 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom upstairs. The tenant has left the property in a deplorably unhygienic state, with a persistent smell of urine. The property is fully furnished. I would therefore like an estimate for a complete cleaning of the flat:

- kitchen (furniture, fridge, oven, dishwasher)
- Living room furniture
- WC
- bathroom: shower and furniture
- bedrooms: mattresses and furniture.
Thank you in advance for your feedback.

Cleaning of flat after move before departure inventory of fixtures
I would like an estimate for cleaning my flat after moving out, before the final inspection (between 15 and 17 April if possible). The floors are parquet and tiles. There are 5 medium-sized windows, a standard glass French window and a small skylight window.

The flat is 79m2
and is on the first floor.

Cleaning for inventory of fixtures
I would like an estimate for cleaning a house for an inventory of fixtures. We need any marks on the walls cleaned. Sweep up and remove all rubbish (paper, plastic, etc.) left over from the move. Vacuuming of all floors. Can you please send me a quote?

Cleaning following the departure of a tenant
We need cleaning after the departure of a tenant. There are still 2 tenants in the house but the communal areas have not been cleaned:
-dining/living room
-ground floor toilet
-bathroom with very dirty toilet, mould on the joints (see photos of the inventory of fixtures)
in total 68m2
can you send us an estimate?

Cleaning prior to inventory of fixtures
Hello, I'd like an estimate for a major cleaning before my inventory of fixtures. It's a 54m2 flat, and everything needs to be cleaned: walls, floors, windows, sanitary facilities, bath, kitchen and balcony.

I'm coming to you in my capacity as curator of Mr L. This gentleman has left his home and the move is complete. The inventory of fixtures will take place on 5 May at 10.30am. The flat is approximately 60 m2. The flat is not very dirty, but cleaning needs to be stepped up in the following areas: the floor, skirting boards, doors, windows, cupboards, shutters, air vents, bathrooms, WCs and kitchens, which need a bit more scrubbing.

Please send us an estimate before 5 May.

Pre-move cleaning
I need a complete cleaning before moving and urgently (04/05) for a 68m2 flat.
The cleaning required includes washing walls and ceilings, woodwork and windows, as well as the usual cleaning of floors, toilets and bathrooms, sinks...

Professional flat cleaning
I'm contacting you to get an estimate for the professional cleaning of a flat that I'm currently renting and will be vacating shortly. It measures 124m2.

Composed of a living room, dining room, kitchen, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a toilet. The following areas need cleaning:

Walls, tops of sockets and skirting boards, glazing, inside/outside/tops of cupboards, door frames, light fittings and lampshades, curtain rails
ceiling heights: cobwebs and dust
Carpets, sofas and mattresses: shampooing, deep cleaning by injection/extraction
Kitchen: degreasing of surfaces, hobs and oven, descaling of dishwasher and washing machine (product tank), cleaning of small and large appliances, degreasing of extractor hood and filter change if necessary
Washrooms and bathrooms: disinfection, descaling, mirrors, siphons, etc.
Glazing: interior and exterior cleaning
Awaiting your estimate.

Cleaning a 30 m2 flat after moving house
Hello, we'd like to have a 30 m2 flat cleaned after moving house. There is a bay window, kitchen units and a small fridge, a cupboard and a storage column in the shower room. Shower with door.
The inventory of fixtures is scheduled for 31 May.
Thank you for your feedback.

Cleaning for end of lease
Could you please send me an estimate for cleaning the flat at the end of the lease, with household products and hoovers managed by you? Does this include washing the walls?

It's a 63 m2 flat: 1 bedroom with cupboard + 1 large living room + 1 kitchen (cupboards + oven + microwave + extractor fan + fridge + freezer) + 1 bathroom with bath + 1 toilet + 1 terrace.

Floors: lino and tiles only

End of tenancy cleaning of a furnished house
I would like an estimate for the end-of-tenancy cleaning of a recent 110m2 furnished house with 3 bay windows, 3 large windows and 4 velux windows. There is also an entrance door and 2 small opaque windows. The floor is fully tiled. Yours faithfully

Cleaning between 2 tenants for a flat
We need a flat cleaned between 2 tenants and I'm looking for a cleaning company that can come quickly. The studio is not very dirty, it has simply not been occupied for 1 year. Bathroom slightly scaled. Kitchen greasy and generally dirty. The tiling in the shower and kitchen should be grouted properly. Washbasin, sink and shower drains and traps cleaned. Descale toilets. Clean and dust bedroom, living room and entrance hall. 22m2 flat with small mezzanine.

Cleaning for the inventory of fixtures
I'm moving out of my 80m2 furnished flat and would like to use your services to clean it for the inventory of fixtures. There are two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room and a kitchen/dining room.

I'd need the cleaning done on the morning of Monday 29 May (I'm moving out on the 28th during the day and the inventory of fixtures takes place on 29 May at 2pm. Would this be possible?

Could you please send me an estimate for this service?

Cleaning after renting a house
Can you provide me with a quote for a cleaning service following the rental of a 300 m2 house?

two 3-seater sofas and 1 1/2-seater sofa in linen/cotton
a 3-seater sofa plus corner chaise longue in cotton
a 2-seater cotton sofa
a 3-seater sofa in cotton/linen
-stained seats (price per seat)
- 4 stained mattresses
- kitchen hood, microwave, cooker, cupboards
- terracotta floor, very dirty, to be cleaned approx. 25 m2
- windows, chandeliers, light fittings
- a small carpet
- complete cleaning
There was a dog in the house. Please send me an estimate by email only.

Rates for end-of-tenancy cleaning for a house
Hello, we would like to know your rates for end-of-tenancy cleaning for an 85 m2 house (3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 2 toilets, 1 kitchen, 1 living room and 1 utility room).
Washing of kitchen furniture tops, washing of windows and shutters and washing of floors.
We have 3 fixed windows: 1 bay window on the ground floor and 2 upstairs.

Cleaning after moving out and before moving in
With a view to moving house in July, could you please give me an estimate with the following details:

1- Complete cleaning of a 245m2 flat after the move on 19 or 20 July:

- Damp dusting of shelves and inside cupboards
- Kitchen: sink, worktop, flat surfaces and furniture
- Bathroom: wall, tiled walls, mirrors, furniture, washbasins,
shower/bath etc.
- Sanitaryware: basins, flaps, toilet unit, etc.
- Complete vacuuming and washing of floors
2- Complete cleaning of a 240m2 flat before moving in on 24 or 25 July:

- Damp dusting of interior shelves and cupboards
- Kitchen: sink, worktop, flat surfaces and furniture
- Bathroom: wall, tiled walls, mirrors, furniture, basins, shower/bath etc.
- Sanitaryware: basins, flaps, toilet unit, etc.
- Complete vacuuming and washing of floors
Major end-of-tenancy cleaning
We are looking for a company to do a major end-of-tenancy clean. The flat is 37m2 and comprises a bedroom, a kitchen/living room and a bathroom. There are 6 windows, 4 of which are normal size and 2 small. We would like the microwave, fridge and freezer, all the cupboards and the windows cleaned.

Company to clean a house before handing over the keys
We're moving at the end of June and I'd like a company to clean the house before handing over the keys.
The house is 190 m2. The floors need to be cleaned:
about 110 m2 tiled and 80 m2 glazed parquet,
do the windows: 3 bay windows, one of which is 3 m high, 2 glass doors, 7 windows and 2 velux windows,
cleaning the 10 roller shutters, cleaning the 3 showers, the bath, the 3 washbasins and the 3 toilets as well as the walls around these elements.
We would like this work done in the week of 19 June or early the following week.
The house has been regularly maintained so it is not extremely dirty.

Cleaning prior to departure
Request for a quote for cleaning prior to departure.
Flat 42m2 + 7m2 terrace
Cleaning of windows, shower enclosure, shower room, cupboards, floor and wall if possible.

Post-move cleaning company
I would like a post-move cleaning company to clean a 100m2 flat with a terrace on Monday 3 July. Could you please give me a quote?

Cleaning a flat before making an inventory of fixtures at the end of the month
I'm moving at the end of the month (the moving date hasn't been set yet, but it will be around 29/30 June).

I'd like you to clean the flat before the inventory of fixtures. The flat is about 42m², on the first floor.

Departure cleaning
Hello, we would like an estimate for a final cleaning of a 46 m2 flat, including cleaning of the kitchen, oven, extractor hood and dirty, sticky credenza.
Dust on radiator and skirting boards
Dirty fridge to wash
Bathroom shower walls filled with limescale, shower dust on pipes and radiator the toilet is clean as well as the washbasin furniture.
Bedroom dust everywhere
Parquet to clean and tiling factory bathroom
Window surround and rim to be cleaned

House cleaning following a move
We have moved house and the house should be cleaned before the buyers move in.

Cleaning following a move
We would like to have the house cleaned following a move.
The house is 100m2 and furnished.
Washing the floor (tiles)
Washing walls (painted)
Window cleaning (bay windows x2, windows x 5, blinds x 5, veranda)

Date for removal of boxes: 07/07 afternoon
Day for your intervention: 08/07

Cleaning before inventory of fixtures
For a move out, we would need cleaning before the inventory of fixtures (rental flat) scheduled for January 2024. Please send me an estimate for a major cleaning service for ..:

* Unfurnished flat, 1st floor, 90 m2 comprising
* 1 corridor
* 1 fitted kitchen (induction hob, combined fridge/freezer, oven, dishwasher)
* 1 living room
* 2 bedrooms
* 1 bathroom with shower
* 1 toilet
* 1 cupboard in corridor
* 1 balcony
* Your service should include mopping the floors, cleaning the windows (3 windows and 2 French windows) and doors (6) of all the rooms mentioned above, including the interior/exterior fittings and furniture in the bathrooms, kitchen and hallway cupboard. Skirting boards, switches, sockets, VMC vents, etc.

Complete cleaning before the inventory of fixtures
I would like a quote or price range for a full pre-move-out cleaning of approx. 80m2: cleaning tiled floor, cleaning bathroom with tiled shower, cleaning window*2 and large bay window*2, degreasing cooker hood + wood support and degreasing and cleaning kitchen window blinds.

Cleaning before moving house
I'd like an estimate for a pre-move clean. We would need to clean the floors, dust, clean the walls, clean the toilets and shower cubicle, clean the edges of all the windows and the front and back windows, clean the inlaid cupboards and kitchen furniture. And if possible clean the oven as well.
It's a 35m2 furnished flat that we'd like to return in good condition, so we'll need to be careful not to damage the furniture, which will still be there, but think about moving it to clean behind and under the furniture.
Please let us know before 31 July.

End of lease cleaning
Hello, I'm looking for an end-of-tenancy cleaner, so there's a lot of work to do, you have to start from scratch, the cleaning includes: complaints, walls, floors, window and door frames, windows, kitchen cupboards, the flat is about 90 square metres.

Cleaning to prepare the inventory of fixtures
I would like an estimate for cleaning to prepare for the inventory of fixtures, with you supplying the products and hoover, for a T2 flat on the 4th floor with lift, comprising:
- entrance: approx. 3m2 laminate
- bedroom: approx 9m2 laminate with cupboard approx 2mx2m with shelf
- living room: approx 14m2 laminate
- kitchen: 4m2 laminate with 4 kitchen units top and bottom plus corner with fridge to clean and oven to clean
- shower room: 4m2 tiled with washbasin and base unit to be cleaned + shower and seals
- wc 1m2 tiled with 3 shelves
Cleaning of shelves in kitchen and bathroom, dusting of other shelves, and ceilings/walls, joinery and ventilation grilles. Cleaning of skirting boards and floors
Ideally by 17/07
The flat is now empty and dusty.

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