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Cleaning of houses and flats

apartment cleaningNOVA CLEAN is a house and flat cleaning company serving private individuals and professionals for the major cleaning of properties and flats in United Kingdom, routine cleaning, spring cleaning or thorough cleaning as well as flat cleaning.

House cleaning company for private individuals and professionals

We are a company offering house cleaning for private individuals between two tenants in the case of a seasonal rental, cleaning before an inventory of fixtures when moving house, cleaning after builders in your home. Are you looking for a private home cleaning company? We're at your service for spring cleaning, cleaning of unsanitary homes, after a squat or after a death in extreme conditions.

Cleaning your home: inside and out

The Nova Clean cleaning company will take care of your home with a range of specialised services such as carpet, sofa and mattress cleaning, in addition to all the classic cleaning services such as window washing, floor cleaning, tap descaling and kitchen degreasing.

Nova Clean is a company specialising in house cleaning that will also take care of your exteriors by offering a cleaning service for terraces, driveways, car parks and garden storage areas. Nova Clean also clears out and cleans cellars and garages.

house cleaningHow does Nova Clean take care of your home?

Nova Clean is a network of partners specialising in cleaning throughout Great Britain. The Nova Clean house and flat cleaning company offers a professional cleaning and maintenance service to private individuals and professionals.

A network of professionals specialising in house cleaning

Our network of professional house cleaners uses experienced staff, cleaning products and equipment. Unlike a cleaning lady or personal assistance service, we are completely autonomous in our work and guarantee professional resources.

End-of-tenancy house cleaning

Do you have a house or flat to clean at the end of your tenancy and are looking for a cleaning company specialising in house cleaning? We'll give you a worry-free inventory of fixtures and we'll work to your complete satisfaction. We understand the particularities of cleaning after a move and the expectations of your landlord. Naturally, we'll clean all the surfaces, with all the extras that come with removing furniture. We'll clean skirting boards, remove hand marks from walls and pots, clean all contact points, descale all taps and sanitary fittings, remove grease from kitchen hoods, clean ventilation grilles and, of course, wash floors and windows.

Flat cleaning: Spring cleaning

With the warm weather just around the corner, do you want to make the most of your flat, terrace or balcony? Nova Clean is a flat cleaning company that offers Spring cleaning in flats with its network of partners throughout France. Spring cleaning involves a thorough clean of your home. We'll do everything you don't do on a daily basis, such as vacuuming under the sofa, vacuuming the tops of kitchen units, dusting skirting boards and door frames, cleaning VMC grilles - in short, we'll carry out a very thorough cleaning. Are you looking for a company specialising in flat cleaning? Contact Nova Clean!

house spring cleaningCleaning of cellars, garages and green spaces, cleaning of balconies and terraces

Nova Clean is a cleaning company for private individuals that offers a number of complementary services, such as cleaning cellars and garages and decluttering if necessary, as well as cleaning balconies, terraces and green spaces. Do you need to clear out the clutter in your cellar after an inheritance? Have you had water damage in your garage? Nova Clean is at your service throughout France, offering a free estimate within a day. Are you looking for a company specialising in house cleaning? Contact Nova Clean for a free, no-obligation quote.

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Large-scale cleaning of a flat
I need a cleaning company to carry out a major cleaning of my flat as I've just moved in. It's a 65 m2 flat. It's on the 3rd floor with a lift and is furnished. It comprises

1 bedroom
1 study
1 bathroom with bath
1 toilet
1 kitchen/lounge/dining room
1 hallway in the entrance hall

As well as cleaning the floors (waxed parquet) and surfaces, the windows (bedroom, study, bay windows in the living room) should also be cleaned, the walls (and complaints) washed and the household appliances cleaned (fridge, oven, washing machine, dishwasher). The sofa in the living room also needs to be cleaned and the stains removed (3-seater sofa with a chaise longue).

Could you please send me an estimate? And to let me know when you would be available to come and give me an estimate of the time needed?

House to be cleaned
I have a small house of 65M2 to clean, living room kitchen same room, 1 toilet, 1 bathroom, 2 bedrooms, balcony and 2 cupboards. I'm looking for a house cleaning company that works with private individuals.
Washing floors and ceilings and walls, balcony, inside cupboards and outside + complaints + toilet + bathroom + toilet + washing doors and handles. Thank you for your estimate.

Cleaning a furnished flat
Could you please send me a cleaning estimate for our 66m2 furnished flat which has:
- 2 bedrooms,
- 1 open-plan kitchen and living room
- an interior patio
-shower room with storage units and WC.
Thank you very much.

Spring cleaning for a furnished house
I would like an estimate for spring cleaning for a 123 m2 house with 3 bedrooms, a study and a bathroom.
There are 2 large bay windows of 4m2, two French windows of 2m2 and 4 double windows of 1m2. The house is furnished. I'm looking for a cleaning company to come with the products and all the equipment.

We have bought a 70m2 flat. We are going to redo the paintwork. We would like an estimate for cleaning before the movers arrive. There's no cleaning equipment on site.
The flat will be empty and there will be windows to clean (bay window in the living room, two bedrooms, kitchen).

End-of-tenancy cleaning of a house
We are looking for a company that specialises in cleaning private homes to carry out a major clean of the house after the tenant has left:
- walls of living room, 2 bedrooms, toilet, bathroom (where there is also mould)
- switches and sockets
- inside cupboards in bedroom 2, kitchen, toilet and bathroom
- 5 radiators
- windows (47.5 m2 front and back)
- laminate flooring (75 m2)
- tiles (15 m2)
- carpet (1.5 m2)

Cleaning of short-term rental flats
I would be grateful if you could quote me for a cleaning service for a house divided into 16 small furnished studio flats. This house will be used as a residence for short stays of between one and three weeks. We will need cleaning services on an ad hoc, seasonal basis, between tenants. Overall, the operation will be similar to that of an Airbnb. Here are the key details of the application in brief:

Each furnished studio has its own (small) bathroom with shower and its own (mini) kitchenette.
total surface area of the 16 studios = 200m².
change and washing of sheets, towels and tea towels
cleaning days: weekdays or weekends (Saturday or Sunday possible)

Cleaning a very dirty house
Hello, following the end of our lease and the abandonment of our property in a deplorable state, we would firstly like you to provide us with an estimate for the complete cleaning of a very dirty town house for submission to our insurance company. How soon can you carry out the work? I can be contacted by phone for an appointment on site. Thank you for your feedback.

Deep cleaning a very dirty house
Hello, I need to deep clean a very dirty 60 m2 house with bathroom, kitchen, ceiling, radiator and floor. Living room radiator and floor ceiling. Two bedrooms and a cellar.

Cleaning after moving into a flat
I'm moving into a new flat this weekend. I'd like the bathroom and kitchen cleaned. I don't have any cleaning equipment in this new flat.
URGENT: I would like a service for Friday 24 March.

Major cleaning of a very dirty flat
I would like a quote for a major cleaning of a 40m2 flat, including:

Entrance hall/toilets: cleaning of the toilets, limescale still being treated but still present, and cleaning of the floor.

Kitchen/living room: the floors would need to be cleaned, the furniture dusted and cleaned, and the two windows facing out would also need to be cleaned.

Bedroom/bathroom: this is where the work is most complicated, as a sick person has found herself alone without being able to move around, and most of the rubbish has to be put in bin bags and emptied, unfortunately we can't manage without help. The rest was simply a matter of cleaning the floors of both rooms, as well as the bathroom window, and dusting the furniture. Photos of the bedroom and bathroom, which are the most complicated rooms!

Regular house cleaning
I would like an estimate for regular cleaning of my 160 sq m house, which includes 2 bathrooms, 4 bedrooms, living room, kitchen and toilet. Please call me back to discuss in more detail.

Spring cleaning of a house
I would like a quote for a spring clean of my 150m2 house including:

Cleaning windows and outside areas
Tidying and cleaning all rooms
Disinfection of all rooms
Cleaning all floors
Emptying rubbish bins
Air all rooms (bed, sheets, pillows, etc)
Dust the entire property (including skirting boards, air vents, radiators, furniture tops, etc.)
Wash doors and windows
Descaling taps
Cleaning door hinges (squeaks), locks, door handles and shutter casings.
One-off cleaning of a house
I would like to receive a one-off cleaning estimate (week of 31 July to 04 August 2023) for a 125 m3 house, 2 bedrooms, 1 study, 1 living room, 1 kitchen, 1 bathroom, 1 separate toilet.
5 bay windows, 3 windows + 2 small bathroom windows.
3 2-seater sofas, 4 chairs with fabric seats, 1 fabric armchair, 1 fabric pouffe.

As agreed during our telephone conversation, please find enclosed the surfaces of the rooms to be cleaned in my house in order to provide us with an estimate:

Clean 1st cellar: 7 m2 (bottom of walls + floor + doors - no cat urine)
Clean 2nd cellar: 8 m2 (bottom of walls + floor + door + wall lockers - presence of cat urine smell)
Degrease back kitchen: 8 m2 (bottom of walls + floor + one small window + 2 doors + sink - very strong smell of cat urine)
Kitchen cleaning: 17 m2 (U-shaped kitchen: all cupboard doors + cupboard interiors + a sink + a French window + 2 windows + floor + 1 lower wall + a door: cat urine smell)
Entrance hall: 13 m2 (entrance door + a double door + 4 doors + floor)
Dining room: 41 m2 (bottom of walls + 2 French windows + a window + a niche under the fireplace: smell of urine)
1 WC: 3 m2 (the WC (very dirty) + washbasin + floor + wall: cat urine smell)
Dusting 1st floor bedroom: 24 m2 (parquet near walls + bottom of walls + a French window + a door)
Please note: the entrance door, interior doors and double doors are made of wood and the exterior windows and French windows are made of white PVC. Thank you in advance for drawing up the estimate.

Cleaning a bedroom in a dwelling
I'm looking for a quote to estimate the cost of a complete cleaning of a bedroom in my flat and the communal areas. We're talking about a 9 m2 bedroom, a kitchen/living room, a bathroom and a 30 m2 toilet. A tenant's hygiene requires cleaning to eliminate potential bacteria in the accommodation.

Cleaning and disinfecting an empty flat before moving in
I have a 3-room flat (55m2) to clean. I've just got it back from the council. The flat is empty. I need a good cleaning and disinfection before I can move in. Generally speaking the flat is clean, it's just for hygiene reasons that I prefer to clean everything and get rid of the smell of the previous tenants before entering.

Cleaning a furnished flat before the inventory of fixtures
I rent a furnished flat and would like to have it cleaned before the inventory of fixtures at the end of May 2023. It's a T3 of 67 m2 (2 bedrooms, a living room, a dining room, a fitted kitchen, a shower room, 1 WC and a balcony). The whole flat is furnished. I would like an estimate for a complete cleaning of the floor (no washing of the walls), focusing on :

- the kitchen
- the shower room (limescale and old dirt) and the WC thoroughly,
- windows

Complete cleaning of an empty flat
We would like a complete cleaning of an empty 91 m2 flat and a room outside the flat with a surface area of less than 10 m2. This flat has 3 bedrooms, a living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom with bath, toilet, entrance hall and corridor leading to the bedrooms. The floors (except the bathroom and kitchen) are unsealed oak.

I remain at your disposal for any further information.

Cleaning before selling a house
Hello, we are selling our house and would like a major clean before the sale + tiles. House of 115m2 on two floors. Upstairs 3 bedrooms + 1 landing. On the ground floor kitchen bathroom toilet entrance hall and veranda. This should be done the week of 10 to 15 April. Waiting for your rates.

House cleaning company wanted
We are looking for a home cleaning company for our various employees. Here is the list of general cleaning tasks to be carried out during each visit:

Cleaning the flat (dust, furniture and floors)
Descaling and cleaning floors
Deodorising and disinfecting the entire flat
Cleaning and descaling taps, washbasins, bathroom and kitchen toilets
Emptying rubbish bins
Bed dressing
Glasswork maintenance
Washing up (if any)
Could you make me a proposal for a month's work? Starting as soon as possible, for example on 03/04/2023.

House cleaning before moving in
Hello, I'm moving into a house and I'd like to have the premises (approx. 150 m2) cleaned before I move in. What services do you offer and when would it be possible to do this in April?

Deep cleaning of a very dirty furnished flat
My wife and I moved into a furnished flat that was very dirty. We've cleaned as much as we can but unfortunately there are still some difficult areas that we can't clean ourselves as we don't have the right equipment. I would need a complete cleaning of the 3-seater sofa bed and the 160x190 mattress, including insect disinfection and deodorising. I would also need to clean the oven, which is very dirty, as well as the extractor hood and the kitchen furniture. I'll also need to clean the sanitary facilities. Finally, a good deep clean is also desirable. Could you please give me an estimate and inform me of the timescale for the job, as we're in a hurry to start getting our things clean?

Major cleaning of an empty house
I would like an estimate for a major cleaning of an empty house of 100 m2 to clean the entire floor, windows, veranda, kitchen, cupboards, hood, doors, bathroom and attic.

Cleaning a flat before moving in
We want to clean a 70 square metre flat before moving in on 26 April, including:

Washing windows, washing walls. The floor is wooden, 2 toilets. It is completely empty. Please, I want to know the cost.

Complete cleaning of house for sale
Hello, I am looking for a house cleaning company to carry out a complete cleaning of a client's house with a view to selling it. Can you please get back to me?
Surface area approx 130m2

Cleaning company for rental flats
I'm taking the liberty of contacting you because we're in the process of renovating flats that will be rented out on a seasonal basis and we're looking for a flat cleaning company that can take care of the cleaning once the property has been rented out. The flats will sleep between 2 and 6 people in Calais. There will be a total of 9 flats in the same residence. I'd like to know your different rates for this type of service.

Thorough cleaning of a flat
Hello, can you please give us an estimate for a thorough cleaning of a 51m2 flat and 1 18m2 terrace;
very dirty fitted kitchen, shower room with stained shower tray and mould on the seal, limescale...
The flat is empty.
Windows: 1 bay window and 1 window, a total of 10m2.

Cleaning and laundry between tenants
Hello, I own flats that I rent out on a short-term basis. I'm looking for a cleaning company to do the cleaning and laundry between tenants and also from time to time during stays. Can you tell me your terms and rates?

Spring cleaning and regular cleaning
I'm contacting you because we have a second home in the region and are looking for a cleaning company. We need a major spring clean before the season starts on 15 May, as well as regular cleaning between lets. We are in the mas from 28/04 to 02/05. Could you please contact us?

Estimate for a complete cleaning of a flat
I would like an estimate for a complete cleaning of a 50m2 flat. I'm the owner of a flat and my tenant left without doing a full cleaning, so I'd like a quote for a full cleaning including, if you have this service, a cleaning to remove all her cat's hair as I'm allergic and there's obviously still some cat hair. The flat is furnished. Thank you in advance for your prompt feedback.

Major cleaning of a small house
I would like an estimate for the cleaning of a small house that needs a major overhaul. The house will be completely empty. Total 47.95 M2. 2 bedrooms of 9.86 m2 each:

1 laundry room of 3.60 m2
1 WC of 1.62 M2
1 main room of 23.01 M2.
Total cleaning of walls, doors, floors and windows. I am attaching photos to give you an idea. Thank you for your reply.

Cleaning the house before moving in
I have a 132 m2 house and would like an estimate for cleaning before moving in.
Cleaning: walls (wallpaper and plaster), floors (parquet and tiles), cupboards/drawers ...
No need to clean windows
Most of the rooms will be empty, one room will contain all the furniture and will therefore not need to be cleaned!

Deep cleaning a flat before moving out
I'd like to ask you if you can do a deep clean of a flat I'm moving into. The flat is 80m2 (tiled throughout): kitchen/living area, utility room, 1 bedroom, 1 additional empty bedroom, bathroom, separate WC, 6m2 terrace, front and back windows (6 windows), cellar. There is also a need to clean cupboards, light switches and kitchen equipment (oven etc.). Is it possible to disinfect the armchair and bed mattress?

We're looking for a company to clean a flat
Following the departure of a tenant, we are looking for a company to clean the 90m2 flat, which has a persistent smell of tobacco after being aired for several days. We would like a company to clean the floor, walls and ceiling to remove this smell. Thank you in advance for your quote.

Estimate for cleaning a flat
Hello, Could you give me an estimate for cleaning a 2-bedroom flat with a 5m² balcony. Inventory of the various areas to be cleaned:

Washing of the glass panes and roller shutters corresponding to the windows: 1 small window (1.3m x 1m) in the kitchen; identical window in the bedroom; sliding window in the living room (approx. 3m x 2m);
NB: cleaning only on the inside for the small kitchen shutter; and the other two: inside and outside via the balcony. Also: the window sills and the sliding window in the living room.
There's also a small pane of glass in the door to the living room and hallway (surface of a small half-door).
Clean the air vents in the kitchen and bathroom.
In the bathroom, cleaning of the sanitary facilities: WC, washbasin with tiled surround (1.5 m x 1.4 m... i.e. 2 m²), shower. In the shower: two tiled sides and two Plexiglas-type sides; but as this shower hasn't been used, a swipe to shine will suffice.
Kitchen: clean the underside of the sink, as well as the tiles above the sink: (3.50 m face + 0.60 m return) x 0.44 m high ... i.e. 1.8 m².
Dust removal from four radiators.
Finally: as the hoover has already been used in the flat, a quick wipe down will suffice. Note: for the 5 m x 1 m balcony: broom + mop.

The flat must be cleaned by Friday 02/06/2023.

Company to clean an empty flat
I'm looking for a company to clean an empty flat with no furniture (T3, approx. 70m2), but to clean the windows, the floor, the windows and window frames, and the small balcony.
The flat has just been repainted, so there's no need to wash the walls.

Estimate for cleaning a T2 flat
I would like an estimate for cleaning a 42m2 T2 flat. The walls are clean and nothing needs to be done. I've already done the initial cleaning. The cleaning is based on a professional finish

- Entrance: Cleaning of entrance cupboard + electric meter cupboard
- WC: floor, bowl and shelf (x2)
- Bathroom: floor, sink + mirror, re-seal bathtub + sink.
- Bedroom: Socket, cupboard shelf (x4)
- Living room: Clean floor, cupboard, sockets, window frame and crank handle.
- Kitchen: Cleaning top fridge, 2 vitro hobs, sink, ceiling light, window frame, sockets, switches, changing sink seal and drain.

Quote for deep-cleaning a house
I would like an estimate for deep cleaning an 80 m2 house on 2 floors with 1 kitchen, 1 bathroom, 2 WCs, 3 bedrooms/offices, 1 living/dining room, 1 entrance, 1 landing including:

- Cleaning of floors (parquet, false parquet, linoleum) and surfaces
- Dust removal
- Window cleaning
- Cleaning of certain ceilings and walls

Pre-move-in cleaning quote for a house
I would like an estimate for cleaning before moving in for a 150 m2 house with:
First floor: mezzanine and bedroom/shower room
Ground floor: kitchen - living room - 2 bedrooms - bathroom - wc
Surface to be cleaned: walls (except the 2 downstairs bedrooms which have been repainted)
Floors to be cleaned: tiling and parquet flooring in bedrooms.
Door frames and doors to be cleaned
Wash windows and frames
Roller blinds
number and surface area to be refined with estimate.

Cleaning before moving in
We're in the process of moving into a flat at the end of May. I'd like a quote for cleaning our flat before we move in. The flat is on the ground floor and is ~90m². We've already moved in the large furniture and boxes, but we can arrange to empty the areas to be cleaned before you come. We would need a quote for the following services:

- Deep cleaning of the kitchen (including cupboards + extractor hood and induction hob - see photo) and fridge (with disinfection and anti-mould treatment - the fridge was unplugged by the owner when it was closed and has developed black mould, particularly in the two freezer drawers - see photo attached).
- Cleaning and degreasing of the floors in the kitchen, hallway, bedroom, shower room, toilet and bathroom. Please note: the living room and two offices will not be cleaned as they will contain all the furniture and boxes.
- Cleaning the windows of three French windows (6 glass fronts in total to be cleaned r/v)
- Complete cleaning of the bathroom, shower room and toilets.
The floor in the kitchen, hallway, bathroom and toilet is tiled. The floor in the night area (small corridor and bedroom) is floating parquet.

Estimate for cleaning the floors of an empty flat
I would like an estimate for cleaning the floors of an empty 37m2 flat, as well as degreasing and washing the walls and pipes in the kitchen and bathroom (7.9m2 for both rooms).

Purpose: degreasing and cleaning before painting and selling.

House cleaning company
I am looking for a company to clean a 118 m2 house including:
cleaning of 3 bedrooms + 1 1WC + 2 bathrooms
1 balcony
wash 1 bay window and 6 single windows

House cleaning company - Spring cleaning
We are looking for a company to clean a 150 square metre house. This is a major spring clean: windows and bay windows, roller shutters, rails, window sills. 2 bathrooms / 4 bedrooms and a study + large living room (open-plan kitchen). This is a very recent house. Little furniture / knick-knacks. No storage required at all.

Company to carry out a complete house cleaning
I would like a company to carry out a complete cleaning of my house, which is on 2 floors and measures 160 m2. I would like :
- floors, carpets, complaints, under furniture and sofas.
- windows and interior shutters
- dust and door surrounds.
- the 2 bathrooms thoroughly cleaned, including all bankruptcies.
Can you tell me if you accept service vouchers?

Looking for a company to clean a house
I am looking for a company to clean a second home.
Approx. 100m2. Living room 40m2, kitchen 20m2, 2 bedrooms 20mz, bathroom.
Cleaning of floor, dust and windows

Preferably one job before the end of June, and possibly a second when the owners leave.

Estimate for cleaning a flat
I'm writing to ask for a quote for cleaning a flat I recently left. The flat is 39m² and I would like a full clean after the tenancy. This includes, but is not limited to, cleaning the floors, walls, ceilings, bathroom, kitchen and all other surfaces. I would also be interested in window cleaning, if this service is offered. To give you a clearer idea of the task, I am attaching some photos of the flat and the furniture. You can contact me to discuss this project in more detail and to answer any questions you may have.

Thank you in advance for your attention to this request and I look forward to receiving your quote.

Cleaning a studio flat
I would like a quote for the cleaning of a studio with:

Cleaning floor, wall for a studio of 18 m2, including 3*3 windows
Complete cleaning of household appliances (microwave, fridge, washing machine)
Kitchen and dustbin cleaning
Bathroom to be cleaned from top to bottom
In short, the tenant left as if he were staying in a hotel.
See about dry-cleaning of curtains, sofa cover + mattress protection.

Cleaning a duplex
Hello, Can you give me an estimate for cleaning a 47m2 maisonette? Following a move, the windows, floor and walls need to be cleaned again (cigarettes). No equipment on site as the area is pedestrianised.

Company to carry out spring cleaning in a flat
I am looking for a company to carry out spring cleaning in an 85 M2 flat:

Washing bay windows and windows of 3 bedrooms
Cleaning of the bathroom including cupboards and tiles up to the ceiling
Toilet with plumbing
Dusting of skirting boards throughout the flat
Degreasing the kitchen, including cupboards, walls and ceilings

Flat cleaning company
I am looking for a company to clean a 65m2 flat (1 bedroom, a small bedroom, small kitchen, no oven, fridge, microwave, large living room, 1 bathroom, 1 toilet.

If possible by Tuesday 27 June.

Rates for cleaning a flat after an inventory of fixtures
I would like to know your rates for cleaning a flat of 61 m2 and terrace of 19 m2, 2 bedrooms (13 and 9 m2), living room of 19 m2 and kitchen of 4.5 m2, bathroom of 4.35m2 and toilet of 1.9m2.
Flat vacated by tenant. Inventory done today.
Flat dirty +++.
Complete cleaning, windows and terrace included.
Thank you for your quote.

Cleaning service for a house before it is sold
We are looking for a cleaning service for a house prior to its sale. Surface area 127 M2, 2 bay windows, 10 windows, tiled floor and dirty parquet++, relatively recent house built in 2010.

Regular flat cleaning
We have an 87m2 flat with one bedroom, one bathroom, a separate toilet, an office and a kitchen together with the living room. We would need someone to regularly clean the flat once a week for 3/4 hours. No need to clean windows and iron or do laundry. It is extremely important for us to have someone continuously, without interruption.

I remain at your disposal if you have any further questions.

Deep cleaning of a flat
I would like an estimate for the thorough cleaning of a 100m flat. I'm not moving, I just need a general cleaning of the bedrooms, living room, kitchen, bathrooms and windows.

Would you be available for the end of this week; Thursday or Friday?

Company to clean a house before selling
We are looking for a company to clean a house. We are selling this house and it needs cleaning. The house is 260m2.

Could you give us a date for an appointment so that we can draw up an estimate?

Flat cleaning company
I'm looking for a company to clean a 65 m2 flat. Cleaning to be done following departure of tenant. Full cleaning including: kitchen furniture, walls, floors, hoover, mop, shutters, windows, balcony, extractor hood, etc.
Cleaning not done by the tenant.
Informative estimate for thorough and global cleaning of the whole flat.
Attention stains on walls and floor to try to remove.

Company to clean a flat
I am looking for a company to clean my flat. I need..:

Clean all windows, shower and wall, vacuum attic, shower room and descale toilets and taps.
Don't forget: Clean window edges between radiator and window, Clean VMC, Clean ceiling lights.
Clean sink and sink drain

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