After death cleaningin United Kingdom

After death cleaning services due to a crime, suicide or a natural death in United Kingdom.

Post-mortem cleaning and disinfection: following a natural death, undiscovered death, biohazards cleanup

After death cleaningThe NOVA CLEAN post-mortem cleaning company is at your side for disinfection, clearance and cleaning after death throughout United Kingdom - UK, whether following a natural death, suicide, crime scene or accident. We offer a comprehensive service so that you have a single point of contact at this difficult time. To help you avoid certain stressful tasks, we offer sorting of personal belongings, consolidation of administrative documents and mementos, as well as waste disposal in the event of hoarding disorder, house clearance, fire damage cleaning, removal of junk, rubbbish, furniture and household appliances and disinfection of the home.

Disinfection by air is essential before starting to clean the home, especially in the case of hoarding disorder, where there is an accumulation of objects, waste and sometimes excrement in the deceased's flat. The disinfection of all surfaces, biohazards, bodily fluids cleanup will be carried out by your after-death cleaning expert.

A death cleaning service company must adapt to each case

When it comes to unattended death cleaning, not all cases are alike, and a post-mortem cleaning company must adapt to each situation. The professional must take certain factors into account, such as the nature of the death and the time that elapsed between death and the discovery of the body.

A body found several days or even weeks later has begun to decompose. Bacteria develop and spread throughout the home, leading to the development of unpleasant putrefactive odours. For obvious reasons, the entire dwelling must be decontaminated and disinfected. The future occupants of the home must also be kept in mind, as they must not contract any illnesses as a result of poor cleaning.

crime scene cleaning, biohazards cleanupDepending on the cause of death and the environment, the after death cleaning service will be different.

The cause of death must also be taken into account. A natural death discovered the same day will not have as much impact on the home as a death involving haemorrhage or following a fall. The presence of blood will have to be dealt with meticulously, and depending on the floor covering, the work will be different. Depending on the porosity of the floor, blood will penetrate and it may be necessary to remove a wooden floor if the blood has had time to become embedded in the wood and under the floorboards. It is also important to check for blood behind skirting boards or in tile joints, especially if the body was discovered at a late stage.

A professional post-mortem cleaner must be rigorous and precise

In short, you need to be thorough and not just take a superficial look at the layout of the death scene. Unanttended death cleaning carried out superficially will generate unpleasant odours that will return as soon as the fragrance of the cleaning products used has worn off. It's not enough to mask the odours; every nook and cranny where blood has been present must be decontaminated.

Crime scene cleaning, suicide or unattended death cleaning disinfection in UK

Nova Clean, the after-death disinfection company, cleans up after suicides and scene crime in UK involving the presence of blood and body fluids. Suicide scenes and crime scenes are particularly traumatic for relatives and it is almost imperative to call in a crime scene cleaning specialist or a professional after death cleaner. Suicide by stabbing or shooting generates blood spatters that must be carefully removed. Soiled textiles such as curtains, carpets, mattresses and sofas will usually have to be disposed of and treated. They cannot simply be cleaned, as this could contaminate future residents. It is not possible to be certain of correctly decontaminating a carpet or mattress soiled by bodily fluids and eliminating bacteria and unpleasant odours.

It is important to intervene as soon as possible after the discovery of the body to avoid excessive contamination of the premises and problems with neighbours in joint ownership if odours and insects develop. We apply the protocols for cleaning up the premises in compliance with the regulations, with agents wearing protective clothing, masks, gloves and goggles.

When you call on our company to clean up after a death, you can be sure of a quality service that is discreet and respectful of families, so that you don't have to face painful and often traumatic moments. It is also the assurance of a perfectly disinfected, healthy and clean flat or house as quickly as possible to avoid any health problems.

We carry out:

  • Decluttering, clearance of furniture and rubbish
  • Disinfection and decontamination of premises
  • Post-death cleaning of all rooms
  • Removal of stains and unpleasant odours.
  • We provide a personalised estimate tailored to each situation before carrying out the post-mortem cleaning.

Are you looking for a serious, discreet after-death cleaning company offering a service from A to Z?

Nova Clean offers you the best professionals in post mortem clearance, cleaning and disinfection in London, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Cheshire to intervene quickly and offer a quality service.

Advice for your after-death cleaning

Someone close to you has died and you feel capable of cleaning up after them yourself? Of course, there's nothing to stop you doing it, but there are a few things you need to bear in mind and use common sense.

Cleaning up after a death is not the same as regular housework!

Cleaning a home after a death is no ordinary task! It's not just a question of making the home visually clean, but also of disinfecting it. There's no question of hiding the misery and contaminating the future occupant of the home or the neighbourhood with bacteria or viruses. It's your responsibility to decontaminate the home properly.

You have to protect the health of future occupants and neighbours.

Do you feel capable of completely sanitising and disinfecting the deceased's home? Make sure you don't put your health at risk: a body begins to decompose a few minutes after death and billions of bacteria contained mainly in the intestine and liver begin to spread throughout the body. Putrefaction begins, releasing bodily fluids and cadaverous odours. The body is now exposed to its environment: flies and insects are attracted by the smell of cadavers, where they will lay their eggs.

Professional equipment to protect during trauma cleaning

As scientific studies have shown, you will be working in an environment contaminated by bacteria. There's no question of risking your health. Masks, gloves and protective clothing are essential for cleaning up while limiting the risks.

Protecting the environment and neighbours during cleaning

When cleaning up after a death, there is no question of displacing the problem of contamination. It makes no sense to clean up the scene of the death in order to contaminate the communal areas of a building or the environment. Don't think about mopping up the blood of the deceased and then throwing it in the rubbish bin of your condominium. Blood, body fluids and human remains are infectious waste that must be treated in accordance with standards.

Similarly, a mattress soaked in blood should not be cleaned or disposed of as waste. A wooden floor soaked in blood should be removed to ensure that the blood has not seeped under the floorboards and treated at a waste disposal centre. Certain materials or textiles that are difficult to wash will have to be treated and incinerated in accordance with standards. These are just a few examples to help you understand that cleaning up after a death is far from a standard job and that using a cleaning company after a death is not a luxury.

Our quotes are completely free of charge, so don't hesitate to send us photos of your home for the quote, along with your contact details. We'll give you a clear, precise quote within a day. We will intervene as quickly as possible depending on the urgency of the situation, with maximum tact and discretion.

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Clearance and cleaning of a flat after death
I own a flat in which my tenant has just died. She was suffering from hoarding disorder. The flat is in an apocalyptic state (rubbish strewn all over the floor).
Before she died of natural causes, she had been placed under guardianship and admitted to the retirment residence. Her social worker moved her out, but had left a window open when she left. Pigeons then got into the flat and caused a lot of damage.

I'd like you to clear out the flat and disinfect it. Can you give me an estimate? Do you know of a funeral cleaning company near me?

Cleaning a house after the owner's death
I've just bought this 147m2 house which has been empty for several months since the owner died, so there's a lot of dust and I'd like it cleaned before moving in. The house has:

Kitchen, living room, dining room, 2 bedrooms + 1 study + 1 shower room, 1 patio on the ground floor
2 bedrooms on the 1st floor
I am attaching photos but please note that all the furniture will be removed by the previous owners. I am not on site but I can put you in touch with the estate agent to draw up an estimate or if you have a fixed price please let me know. I am looking for a serious post mortem disinfection company and would like to do this cleaning towards the end of April if possible or the beginning of May.

Post-mortem clearance and cleaning of a very dirty house after a death
We would like an estimate for the post mortem clearance and cleaning of a very dirty 85m2 house following the death of its occupant. There is blood on the tiles in the living room, the person having fallen and having been found several days later. Thank you in advance.

Cleaning and disinfection following a natural death
I would like a quote for cleaning and disinfection following a natural death:
- Death on Lino floor, 48H to 72H before removal
- Spilled fluids
- 15m² furnished room
- All fabrics can be discarded, as can the mattress (unsoiled)

Cleaning up after a house suicide
Following the death of our father, I would like an estimate for the urgent cleaning of his former home. He committed suicide with a firearm in the living room of his house. There is a lot of blood splattered on the walls and ceiling as well as blood on the floor. The living room must be 30m2 and needs to be completely emptied of all furniture and all surfaces cleaned. We're looking for a specialist in post-mortem cleaning to carry out this impossible task for us. Please give me a quote. When can you intervene?

Disinfecting a flat after death
Hello, I'd like an estimate for disinfecting a 40m2 flat after a death. We can not access the flat, given the decomposition of the body before being scheduled by the police. Without the use of the flat we won't be able to take any administrative steps to bury the deceased. I'd like to know your rates.

Cleaning and disinfecting a flat following the death of a tenant
I need an estimate for cleaning and disinfecting a flat following the death of the tenant. The tenant died in the flat. He was discovered about 15 days after his death. The flat needs to be completely cleaned and disinfected.

Living area: 19.83 m² (215 sq ft)
Terrace area: 5.8 m²
Cellar area: 3 m²
This is a T1 on the 1st floor, second door on the left of the corridor on the right as you leave the lift, comprising: an entrance hall, a living room with kitchenette, a bathroom with toilet, a terrace and a cellar on the 2nd floor with a furnished kitchen, hob and oven. We are looking for a professional in post mortem disinfection near us. Please send us a quote.

Post-mortem cleaning, disinfection and storage
Can you give me a quote for cleaning, disinfecting and clearing out a flat in a post-mortem situation? You will find the details and list of tasks to be carried out in the attached file. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require any further information.

Accommodation description:

3-room flat (living room, small bedroom, kitchen + bathroom/WC) of approximately 45 m² on the 3rd floor without lift with tiny corner terrace. Description of rooms and work to be carried out:

Living room (approx. 20m²):

To be cleared:

2 dirty but not soiled mattresses (photo no. 1)
1 chest of drawers (photo no. 2)
To tidy :

Put all the DVDs (several hundred) around the seat in 110L bags (photo no. 3)
To clean and tidy :

Put around 40 PS3/DVD game boxes in the cabinet, wipe the surfaces of the boxes with disinfectant and store in the paper bags provided. Set aside any other items.
Set of keys on cabinet to be cleaned and reserved. - Simple cleaning of TV cabinet (TV, 2xPS3, DVD player) (photo no. 4)
Special cleaning / disinfection :

The parquet floor in the living room is soiled following the decomposition of the body (photo n° 5 )
A small area is still damp - The area needs to be disinfected and the odours removed.
Bathroom/WC: - Tasks required:
Unblock washbasin and WC
Need to change the siphon part of the washbasin (eroded and leaking)
Normal cleaning of washbasin, bath, WC and floor
Kitchen :

Tasks required:

Empty and clean the freezer and fridge, some of which have already been emptied of perishables (photo no. 7 )
Clean the floor There are still some shopping trolleys in the kitchen that I'll try to sort out before you come, the room is relatively clean. Leave the items above the fridge, they will be sorted/cleaned later.

Clear out a black cupboard, 100x180x40cm, light aglo wood + 2 cupboard doors (without the stereo).

I am looking for a cleaning company to clean and disinfect a flat after a death.
As discussed on the phone, I'm looking for an after-death cleaning company to clean this flat, which is practically unfurnished. It has a total surface area of 52 m2, 2 rooms and is located on the 2nd floor:

In the living room kitchen: sink area + 1 small stove + 1 small cupboard + 1 bed. The glass in the French window was broken by the fire brigade during their intervention.

In the bedroom where my brother died, lying on the floor, probably in April 2020 and found on 4 April 2022 (2 years after his death).

There is still a persistent stench in the flat, which has probably permeated the whole place.

We would like to be present at the start of the clean-up, in the event of finding a few items forgotten during our initial intervention.

We would ask you to evacuate everything, disinfect and remove this persistent odour.

Thank you for sending us your estimate, with the deadline for your intervention, taking all these remarks into account.

Complete cleaning of flat following death of several weeks
I'm contacting you following the death of my father in my grandmother's flat, which occurred at the beginning of March. As the body had been in the bedroom for several weeks, the flat needed to be completely cleaned. The electricity was also cut off, but the fridge was full. The flat is currently under seal: as soon as the seal is lifted, it will be essential to clean it. We would like an estimate for cleaning a 60-70m² flat following the death.

Cleaning after a suicide with a firearm
Please provide us with an estimate for the cleaning of a kitchen in which a person has committed suicide with a firearm.
Thank you in advance for your feedback.
With kind regards.

Cleaning following natural death
Hello, following the death by natural causes of my tenant, I would like an estimate for the disinfection of the flat (approx. 43m²). There is very little furniture as he was living out of moving boxes. I'd like the minimum work required, bearing in mind that the flat will be completely renovated afterwards. Thank you in advance.

Cleaning after the death of the tenant
Our tenant died in her flat - and her body remained there for between 4 and 10 days before being found. The property is now accessible and we would like to carry out a suitable clean. It is a 20 square metre service room with a main room, a kitchenette and a bathroom. I'll be happy to answer any further questions you may have with a view to sending you a quote.

Could you also let us know how quickly you can get involved?

Cleaning a flat after death and hoarding disorder
Hello, I have to clear out the flat that my father, who died on 23 April, was renting. It's a 35 m2 residential flat. I've already thrown out most of it (rubbish and anything else that was lying around), but there's still 1 2-seater sofa, a bed with mattress, a small desk that can be dismantled, a small half-moon table and a few objects. It's all gone. What's more, he was suffering from hoarding disorder. The flat is therefore very dusty and needs to be cleaned: carpets, walls, sanitary facilities, kitchen, cupboards. Please contact me to discuss the matter. The notary in charge of the estate suggests that the invoice be sent directly to the firm to be paid out of the estate.

Estate cleaning following death
The firm is in charge of the estate of Mr P., whose body was found at his home several weeks after his death.

As a result, the flat needs to be cleaned to make it accessible without having to be cleared.

Please send me an estimate.

Estimate for disinfecting after death
Please find attached photos of the police station taken on 16 April 2023, following the death of my Uncle who had been dead for at least 15 days.

I would like an estimate for post-mortem disinfection, starting with, in order to remove any health risks and unbearable smells:

- disinfection by nebulisation,
- cleaning of the area where the body was found (floor between the toilet and the kitchen),
- cleaning the toilets (no flushing for 20 years),
- possibly cleaning the kitchen sink if necessary (not visible in the photos).
In order to be able to access and retrieve the administrative paperwork (for two days).

Then, in a second phase, the flat will be emptied and cleaned, including the furniture.

Since 16 April 2023, the two kitchen windows have been open, but the stench persisted on 09 May 2023 and prevented access without a spray mask.

The flat is on the 2nd floor without a lift, and on the garden side there is the possibility of placing a skip under the balcony and the bedroom window.

There is also a 3 square metre cellar to be emptied, which is probably in the same condition.

Cleaning company after death
My ex-husband died in his home in tragic circumstances. The family is unable to clean the flat. We're looking for a post-death cleaning company. Can you give me an estimate for this type of service?

60 m2 rented flat.

Post-mortem cleaning and hoarding house
My brother was found lifeless in his home. Apparently, he died around 18 May and was found on 2 June. The body was found on the floor of his living room. According to the owner, the house has a floor area of 100 m² and a basement of 80 m². There is an attic, which we were unable to access. We don't know whether he used it or not.

He must have been suffering from hoarding disorder, because the flat is full of rubbish and bins. The living area needs to be disinfected. The non-habitable areas, the cellar and garage, need a good clean, in my opinion, as do the corridor and the stairs leading to the garden.

His daughter will take over and choose the company to do the work. I'm sending this request for a quote to your company and others. To facilitate your study, I've just drawn up plans of the different parts of her home; you'll find photos of the different areas. I've tried to be as complete and precise as possible to enable you to carry out your cost study.

As she is not on site either, we have entrusted the keys to the property to the Mairie. So, if none of us can be there when you arrive, we'll check with the Mairie to see if we can give you the keys directly, if you're detained, or if we have to go through the landlord, who has also been informed of the situation and whose contact details we'll give you in due course.

My niece would like to know if she can be present on the day of the clearance to collect her father's belongings, in particular photos, carpentry equipment and tools, household appliances, etc. that she would like to resell. I'll leave it up to you to reply directly to her e-mail (copied to you) or by telephone, please.

As my brother also has a minor son from a second marriage, the Juge des Mineurs, via the Notaire, has to give his agreement to clear the house. We don't yet know how quickly this can be done. We would like an estimate for post-mortem cleaning, storage and disinfection of the property. The company selected will be notified as soon as we have this information, so that they can carry out the clearance and cleaning/disinfection as quickly as possible afterwards, so that the property can be returned to its owner.

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